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i used the rocket for a day and i loved the board. the edgehold is incredible even on ice, and cannot be compared to other production slalomboards i ve used so far.

it reacts very fast and withiout much effort but it can be ridden verry agressive in small SL turns. due to the shaped radius it makes wonderful big ultrafast turns without chattering, at high speeds it really feels like a GS board. ..its the perfect weapon for narrow or crowded and steeep and icy slopes. if you want to go even faster i d recommend the lightning which is also a very versatile board.

go for it , you wont regrett;)

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you should note, that Virus offers a customization for every board ther sell. So in conversation with Virus you can adjust amost everything to reach a board that fits you in the best possible way ;).

I own a WCR70, which is part of the competition series and a nice compromise of width (19.5) and easy turning. The best board I can imagine so far :)

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Originally posted by Ladia

I am thinking to get a new toy. Virus Rocket or Dragster.

Any info there? How they compare to other boards, stiffness, etc.

Thanks Ladia


I just received my VIRUS Terminator Custom. In terms of craftsmanship I can say, just amazing! How it rides, I have no idea yet... To choose the right Virus is also very much depending on how heavy and tall you are.. actually shoe size can play a big role as well. The Rocket (Carving board) has a 17.5 waist. If you have shoe size M30 you will ride with pretty steep angles! The Dragster is a more an all terrain board with a 19.5 waist... I would suggest to get in contact with Frank at Virus and tell him what you want the board for... he will give you good advise.

Oh, one more thing, money should no be of any concern (Euro and shipping)...

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