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Who has been to Marble Mountain, Nfld


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1700 foot vertical

16 feet of average snowfall (snowiest city in Canada is nearby)

34 trails

175 acres skiable terrain

Only 19% beginner terrain

Three quad lifts, one of them detachable

Adult lift ticket is $38 and there are no lines.

So how come I don't know anyone who's ever been there? After getting accurate quotes on Sun Peaks, I'm thinking a Newfoundland adventure might be in my future.

So who's been there? Who can give me the straight scoop?

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I went there last March and it was a great hill.

The problem is that the hill closes around 5pm along with the lodge and there is absolutely nothing to do in Cornerbrook.

EDIT: I didn't once have to wait to get on a lift though, and you have the whole hill pretty much to yourself.

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Deer Lake airport is 30 minutes away and there are direct flights from Toronto, Montreal, Halifax and other centres.


These tour operators offer a one week package with flights, car, accomodation, lift tickets and breakfast for $1,088. What a deal.

I'm talking to them now about preferred dates. It's a bit tough around Xmas but I think I'm going to be there.

Also, check this out - Cat Skiing in Newfoundland!


Man, we ought to move our ECES out there. You can't get much more East than that.

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Originally posted by skategoat

As for the slopes, was there enough variety for a full week? How was the grooming?

The week I was there it snowed about 25-35cm and as far as I could tell they didn't groom at all. There were lots of bumps so it was tough to carve on.

Variety is alright, they only really have 1 old lady trail :p , the rest were blue to double diamond.

Originally posted by skategoat

Man, we ought to move our ECES out there. You can't get much more East than that.

Damn right, then I could go:D

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