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whats this board worth?


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That's probably a fare price for that board if it is in good shape. I think that board is more of an all mountain board with softer flex. Another place you might look for a board is hardbooter.com. Billy had a couple of shorter decks for sale cheap that had wider waists. One was an f2 and may a Burton or 2. don't know if they are still available?

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Why don't you get a hold of the guy that borrowed your board and threw it away to pay for it? That is complete Crap that he did this and he owes you for the board! even if it wasn't worth much it just isn't right to do this. Hot boards were nice boards.

I thought about it, but im sure id be wasting my time, all he's going to say is "sorry"

actually that IS what he said, I emailed him back with A. why would you throw away a perfectly good board?, B. why didnt you tell me, I would have retrieved it.

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