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Catek bail suspension


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Hi all,

I have a question about Cateks. When new, the bail falling is not a problem. After a little while, the aluminum block gets worn off by the stainless steel bail and then, it stops staying up, hence getting in the bindings *rear) becomes slightly inconvenient :ices_ange.

Does anyone have a good solution............short of getting TD :biggthump.......and other than http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJluc2MVmPE

It's kind oa annoying to deal with this issue, especially if you are on a small slope and have to click in many more times per day than if you go to a bigger resort when you can't make more than ~20 runs a day.

AFter having used Cateks for many years, I just got an old board with Burton race plates. OMG, clicking in takes about 3-4 seconds on even standard plates :AR15firin

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cutting your regular flat elastic band, I placed one between the plate and rod in the toe bail.

Doing the same between the rods and base plates could also help. It probably wont last a season but hey, elastics are cheap.

......something like a rubber band :confused:.

I was even thinking to put some glue with a hot glue gun.....or use some of those heat shrink thingies, people use for electric wires isolation......:)

Thanks! Kee ideas coming :)

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