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Here it is in a nut shell. Started snowboarding in 83, worked for Burton in 88, 89 started riding hard boots while at Burton. About ten years ago bought a Rossi 165 free carve. Only get out a hand full of times a year (alone) due to work, kids etc. Starting think about a new/used board but I'm lost in all of the new tech on todays boards (flex, radius etc.) and bindings. I'm 5'11", 180lbs w/a 32" inseam. Skill level...C+, B on a good day. I ride on small east coast hills. I "feel" that my Rossi is too short and too stiff but I have nothing to compare it to (nor do I see myself making to and sessions/demo days any time soon). So how and where do I start in considering a new board??????

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Is that a white and silver Rossi? Not too stiff at all. I wouldn't ride it with very stiff bindings either, it's foam core. Probably not too short either for small crowded hill.

Go out and ride it, you'll have a blast. Once you feel you can overpower the board, buy something else.

Have fun!

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Thanks dingbat, I will most likely be at your rally this year. I'm scheduled to work that day but I'll call out sick if I have too. I might be at Butternut on Tuesday, I won two passes and I have Tuesday off. It will be my first time out this year if I can make it.

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Kmack, Welcome back to the fold. I've ridden the same Rozzi in the past. Its a very fun board!

Just get out and slide around, and get comfortable on it. Come to ECES @ Stratton (see the sub forum about it) and you should be able to try a few boards there :)

* also the BEAST is a fun day trip for sure! I'm looking forward to it also!

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