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Hey gang, long time browser and fan of BOL, finally got off my duff and registered so I could say hello.

Hello, my name is Chuck, I have 1 day...without snow, and it's killing me, LOL!

Just a surfer from Hawaii who moved to the Sierras to ride frozen water 10 years ago, started carving on my 1st year riding in 99/00, cause it was a dry year here in Cali, and I got lucky when my bro Dave loaned me a full Burton pro set-up...So lucky, the board and bindings were 'one of' custom made by Burton for him(167cm with a 17cm waist, and carbon-fiber raceplates). Thanks DT.

Instantly hooked by the g-force I bought what my bro was slinging and got a 64 prime and a set of Winds and was so happy...til 05', when I got locked into a turn due to fatigue and going way too fast, I found my leg bent(without breaking???)around a tree. Scared me outta carving for a bit.

Needless to say, I was the only guy on my hill with a carving set up, all my buddies are the powder hounds, and have shown me the light cause here at Bear Valley, we get the dumps! Anyways, let's just say there was little support for me getting back into it...until 2007, when a brother of mine moved from Hawaii up here.

I get to teach someone to snowboard, my way? Crazy! So, I loaned him my old freeride board and strapped on my old gear and down the hill we went. As a fellow surfer, and adrenaline junkie, I could see in his eyes how bad he wanted on the prime...so I bought a Donek 175, and some Deelux 700s, and loaned him my set up, and we both got a surprise.

I loved my new set up so much, it took my riding ten levels up...Gabe saw that and promptly got himself a 171 Donek and some Deeluxs too...

So now there a 2 of us hiding down here between Tahoe and Mammoth in the land of little grooming. Loving the question of the day "Is that a snowboard?", and hating the one-edged willys and straight lining 2 plankers. Not personally, just as obstacles...


Aloha, and Happy New Year, da Chucklebeast.

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Oh, and BTW, I would love to ride with anyone in the Tahoe area...come on down to Bear and I'll show you the goods, or I got wheels and would love to ride a well groomed hill, we have the steep and deep, but lets just say there are a few eyebrows and pot-holes in the grooming here usually, but to my surprise on Wednesday it was PRIMO!

Aloha, C.

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