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carving clips/movie ?


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I have a few online and offline carving clips/movies (e.g. , extremecarving clips, pureboarding,...).

I'd like to find more clips/movies either as online downloads or offline dvds.

any suggestions? links?

Also looking for the classic of peter bauer and jean nerva (it was called "fear of a flat planet" or something like that?)

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Hi there,

I've been hosting two movies since the summer. One I got from Pokkis, so this may be the same film as the one he linked to in his post above (can't check now 'cause I'm at work. It's OK to surf Bomber, but watching video might be a little frowned upon.)


And here's "Hard Attack," an old-school alpine film from maybe the late 80s or so.



(Note: I have tons more bandwidth than I normally use, but if I start getting near my quota, I may take things down until next month.)

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The link i provided has only trailer for TCSB, Dan has full film :D

Hard attack is marked copyrighted 1994 in vhs cover :)

Also japanese CarvingMachine has some interesting stuff on their website.

Totally forgot also EC Zinal 2004 film, that lurks also somewhere in eDonkey or where-ever :D

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I rented fear of a flat planet once, from some random video rental place in bfe. didn't even know what it was, the box just looked cool, it had a fist with FEAR written across the four fingers. you do have the name right, but good luck finding it anywhere. ill see if i cant scare up a bootleged copy of it here and let you know if it works out.

Edit: Buy it here?

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