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Who Rides Hunter NY

Guest tomc

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Hey Gang, I am new to this site. I love to carve, Freecarve that is.

looking for a board to start up with, I have been using a single ski

attached to my sitski. Any ideas? Also looking for the guy who turned me on to this site. You Ride Hunter, Hey Bro, It's me Tom!

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I ride Hunter almost every Sunday. Rarely use my carving board there as its hardly a carve friendly mountain unless your carving skills are WAY UP THERE. Usually keep that in the trunk for Mountain Creek or Stratton.

But Hunter is a blast to ride all crazed out on a freestyle board. If you ride Sunday's at Hunter you know the me (the old, old guy) for sure. Usually like to rip carves as I pass through mid station on my way to the next double black mogul field.

Say, I think I spoke to you once up there. Was really impressed by your agressive riding all day. It was in the spring and I told you about the "Sky Ski" (water toy) and thought maybe you could ride in it. That be you?

Say, is that a regular ski you use or an Alpine board under your snow ski chair?

Sic t 2

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Hey Bro. Yeah that was me, I remember you telling me about the

air chair. I woul dlike to get a sit water ski to start.

I use a regular alpine ski but it is only one ski so i can get over

and lay a mean arc. I am looking for the one guy who turned me on the this site. He has a Bolmber board nice narrow looking board. So I want to mount one onder my mono. looking for a used

free carve board. Do you know thae guy? Dark hair I think he had a green you yellow board.

It looks like two or three more weeks before opening day!

I have hit hunter as early as Nov-7. That would be great!

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Had to lookup "sitski" on google to see what you were talking about. Its similar to the air chair in all concepts except one: air chair requires for and aft weighting to control altitude (basically the elevator control on an airplane). But keep in mind that you don't have to fly an air chair on its hydrofoil. When learning everyone just taxi's it. Or just planes the board itself on the surface of the water in an identical manner to the "sitski". So there is no reason not to learn directly on the air chair. (( My boats still in the water in front of my house so there is still time left in this season,,, if you have a light wetsuit )). You are so aggressive at Hunter I'm sure you'd be a star on the SkySki in no time.

I'll be sure to hook up with you when I'm up at Hunter and we'll do some carves together. We can check out your setup then and I'll let you know how I think an Alpine "bomber" board would work on it.

You probably met Stan or Chip up there.

See you on Hellgate. Unless you got that wetsuit handy!

Sic t 2

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Probably Chip, because I don't remember meeting a tom, nor do I own any boards with green on the topsheet . . .

sic - do I know you? I think I might . . . Did you buy an Alp from me?...

Both of you's (and anyone else riding Hunter) - drop by www.huntermtn.net - say "Hi".

Tomc - I will probably not be around Hunter this winter (or any other mountain) - but check with the snowboard instructors to see if Ivan still works there - he was the only instructor riding alpine boards full time. He may have or know of a board you could possibly buy and use.


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Originally posted by sic t 2

yup, the Alp, Winds and mouse traps.

:rolleyes: mouse traps they are, sorry . . .

BTW - I bought a house out in Hampton, NJ, and now I have a baby on the way (arriving in December) - hence my earlier comment to the effect of "my snowboarding is screwed for this winter and a couple of winters to come".

Get some turns in for me . . .

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Hampton, huh... I lived in Whitehouse Station for 5 years.

Its a great area to live. I used to sail my hobie catamaran on the Round Valley / Spruce Run reservoir systems all summer. Its how I "babysat" my sons when they were under 5 years old.

You are also close to Shawnee. And Mountain Creek isn't far. I think one of the absolute best places to carve is Mountain creek on a sunny, windless, weekday morning. Noone is there, perfect corduroy and classical music playing in the lodges. You can't beat it. I have a season ticket there just for weekday mornings. Its virtually free ($225).

Enjoy being a dad. Kids are fun and will keep you young. Soon they will want to snowboard and it will be your solemn duty as a father to bring them to Vermont every weekend. Its one of those hidden perks of being a dad.

Still riding at 54

Sic t 2

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The plans are laid out already - on skis by 4 years old, on board by 6 . . .

Mountain Creek is SORTA close - but getting there might be tricky. Pennsylvania - here I come . . . Definitely hope to make at least a couple of trips there this winter.

Oh course, given half a chance I'll make the drive to Hunter - I'm still hanging with the crew from the MB. Eski and DMC were present at my housewarming party and both of them also went with me to see one of the "Yes" shows this past summer ...

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