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who sells boots?

Guest kriss

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I am a beginner trying to find a relatively inexpensive way into carving but I need boots. It looks like I need a size 27 narrow(head's too wide) deeluxe seems to fit. something like a sb 413 would be good. can a size 26 sb 413 be modified to fit a foot between a 26-27(bomber has that)? anyone know of retailers other than bomber or startingate(tried them ) who sells surplus 27 size boot? thanks.

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Aside from Bomber, who appears to be out of 27's, Dan Yoja also sells 413's, www.upzboots.com. He might have a 27 for you.

First - are you sure you need a 27? What do you get when you measure your feet? If you are between a 26 and a 27, the 26 might work just fine.

In fact...

In my case, the "measure your foot" and "shell test" methods of sizing give me different answers. My feet measure about 26.5 cm, which would suggest a size 26. The shell test says my ideal size is a 25.

Which one is right?

The measurement test gives me a good fit with both Raichle and Head "standard" liners. The shell test gives me a good fit with thermoflex liners (using both Raichle and Head outer shells)

Your mileage may vary of course... I would be interested to know if others have similar personal observations. (Michelle - if you're reading this - any comment? Am I a freak of nature, or is it typical that a smaller shell works better for Themo liners???)

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