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The MES 2010


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It’s time again for us to get together and play as a group. Being that our hills are small, and limited on space, we’re going to do this on a weekday. That’ll mean more corduroy for us!

When: Wednesday, Jan. 27th, 2010

Where: Afton Alps www.aftonalps.com

Time: 9:30am - ?

Cost: $28 for an all day ticket, plus any food or beverages.

Who: Anyone you know who likes to dig trenches.

We will schedule a few meeting spots and times to regroup with lost riders and take some group rides. Let’s start with meeting at 9:30 by chairlift 2 off the “Alps” Chalet and take some runs down the front hills while waiting for some late sleepers. Same chair again at 2 pm to regroup with anyone lost.

Pass this on to anyone you think would be interested!




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bonzo - yep, it's once a year. but there are a bunch of us who ride on a regular basis. put up a post when you're back from co if you want to find a group.

col. austin - that sucks. calling in sick won't work very well, will it? hope you're somewhere with mountains.


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some autographs on the hill.

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