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Originally posted by LeeW

Rossi's the CHAMP!

Pedrosa's the CHAMP!

Dovizozo's the CHAMP!

Anyone seen the Rossi race with Sete -- HOT HOT HOT on the very LAST lap for the line!!


ACK! I was watching that race but had to turn the dial before the end. I was loving the pressure Rossi was applying on Gibernau most of the race. Good times.

YEA! for Rossi! WHOOT!

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it was amazing, Rossi proved he's the best ever taking a bike that wasn't the fastest and beating all the money and guns Honda could afford (and that's a lot) to throw at him...next year should be interesting...Honda's loosing those guns

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Guest Randy S.

Thanks for putting Spoiler in the title. That way I didn't read this post last night before I watched the race on Tivo. I thought the first and last laps were the most exciting. Rossi runs off track, then comes back to pass two guys in the first lap! What skill. Boy did Sete look petulant at the post-race interviews. He wanted that win badly. Congrats to Rossi, its alwasy fun to listen to his accent during interviews.

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Originally posted by Bob Jenney

Interesting to note that Yamaha changed the firing order of the M1 to more closely match that of a vee.

As much as I love the whine of an inline, no question the vee's produce more useable traction under racing conditions.

Rossi would have an even tougher time if Yamaha used the same engine as last years M1.

That was one of the things the Rossi and Burgess did when the came to Yamaha was return the engine to make the power more useful...and the inline whine is annoying V's are where it's at:D

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