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Higher angles, not as much fun..well for me

Bobby Buggs

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I got out yesterday on the Prior 4wd 169 yesterday and I booted out at 54 degrees on my front foot. Part of the reason is my "Gilmore" bias has my front foot pitched toward the heel of the binding. So I had to move into the 60s and feel as if I lost a ton power in my front foot. Until last year I rode 60s all the time on my glass Coiler AM19 but once I got on the 21.5 I was able to get in the lower 50s and could really feel the power of my knees and ankles at lower angles. looks like any future purchases will have to be 21.5 or wider for me.

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Bobby you are in a smaller boot if memory serves... 10.5 ? Id love to be under 60s on anything narower than a 25! LOL.

I found it was not somuch the angle as it was the toes and heels lining up on the edges, and finding my stance needing to be fore/aft shifted or wider as opposed to just the boot/binding angle.

The wider boards are a tad slower to get over edge to edge, but just require a slightly different technoque with rolling our weight thru the turn. IMHO it looks just more streamlined and gracefull as a carver as opposed to the quick slap chop turns that can appear to be "jerky" and fast to the human eye of an observer, but again, thats just more of a cruising speed thing.

See ya soon :)

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I had the opposite experience this year. I have sz.14 feet and as a result was trying to ride 55° and just deal with bootout. This year I widened my stance by 1 set of inserts, and put 6mm heel lift on, also upped angles to 60° (No more bootout.) Now I feel like i'm ridding a whole new board. I feel like I'm really able to pressure the edges. This may be a symptom of finding the sweet spot of the board, but I also don't seem to have the issues I was having with counter rotation. Only been carving for 3.5 years, but I think I might be in to something (at least for me) I look forward to trying this on the donek, when the wallet permits. Play around with your stance with and heel/toe lift. You might surprise yourself and find a cherry setup.

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