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169 Prior 4wd, 185 Rossi Undertaker

big canuck

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I'm the second owner of the Prior and i rode it one 1/2 day I would give it a 7.5/10 rating. Could probably use a tune. I have bx board en route to replace it. Note 2nd bord and susp kit NOT included

$325.00 usd shipped

I had a powder trip booked that has fallen through so the Undertaker should be in the hands of someone that will use this thing. I'd give this board a 9.5/10 rating, you can't even see where the bindings have been mounted.

I got hit for some dough when the board came to Canada so I'm selling it for what I paid in total $375.00 usd shipped ****SOLD****

happy new year!





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my daughter thinks austin powers owns it. anyway i just started boarding again after 10 years. Now i wear a knee brace and got this issue going with crashing again. I'm looking for a decent board to learn all over again . Something that i can handle.You say you only rode it 1/2 day because it was ? Too soft , too slow or what? Anyway if i can get past the paint job i might be interested.

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Isnt he...?

Anyway, I bought from the original owner as my "powder board" I used it for 1/2 day as I search our groomers and I can generally find it.

I also have 20-ish snowboards in my quiver to choose from so none of my boards get a ton of use, or "over used" if you will and I tend to like boards with 18 cm-ish waists.

I think it would be a great board to get going on. Its wide enough that you don't have to run the crazy steep angles but carves really nicley. 169 length is short enough to turn with ease but will carve longer turns easily as well.

Its a board that does a lot of things very well. I think you'd be stoked. I would keep it but I'm getting a board or 2 that makes it redundant for something I don't ride that much anyway.

Lemme know



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Email me direct,

Its kurt at bowcycle dot com

Send me your address and I'll look into shipping costs. Theres quite a bit of dirt between us so shipping that distance is the only thing I have to take into consideration.

Lemme know and I'll see what my shipper says tomorrow and we can go from there. Cool?



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