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Deeluxe Suzuka 26.0-26.5


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We have a pair of Deeluxe Suzuka's with the thermo moldable lining. Mondo 26.0 - 26.5. The also have the upgraded heels (purchased from Bomber in September 2009). So the heals have 1 season on them. THEY ARE IN DECENT CONDITION (NO BROKEN PARTS OR TEARS) AND THE PHOTOS MAKE THE BOOTS LOOK MORE SCUFFED THAN THEY REALLY ARE. PRICE REDUCED TO $175 OR BEST OFFER.

My son loved these boots, as they are as high quality as the Indy's, but not as stiff as the Indy's (now the AF700's). So while he was/is an aggressive rider, he weighed 135 lbs and finished at 165 lbs. They were perfect. So these boots are good for intermediate to expert (aggressive) riders.

We purchased the boots new either 2 or 3 seasons ago. They have been heat fit 2 or 3x, so can still be heat fit 3 or 4 more X atleast.

The boots are in good condition. There are surface scuffs and scratches, but no broken components. (one of the side cuff mounting bolts broke, but I have the repair part and I will replace that). I will include some spare parts (my son is a racer, so we always kept/keep spare parts on hand).

See the Bomber site for foot measurement instructions.

PRICE REDUCED TO $175 OR BEST REASONABLE OFFER. $200 US plus shipping, including some spare parts.





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