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2006 Kessler w Hangle Plates (but might seperately)


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We have a 2006 Kessler 185 with Hangle Plates mounted. We would prefer to sell the board and plates together, but would consider selling them seperately. FYI, the picture shows F2 bindings mounted on the plates; the F2 bindings are NOT for sale. We will remove them, when the board is sold.

The Hangle Plates were purchased in September 2009 for $500 plus shipping and were raced for one season. They are in excellent condition.

The 2006 Kessler was purchased used from a racer. It has the round nose. It is well used but quite ridable. The racer we purchased it from had drilled 2 extra holes (at each end) for F2 plates, which were mounted using helicoils. The helicoils pulled out, resulting in a very small metal tears at each hole. They filled the holes with epoxy and glued the metal down. We bought the board and brought it too a race serviceman, who checked the holes and metal and found the repair to be quite solid, with little likelyhood of further tearing.

The base is in good condition, as we maintained it for Noramcup racing. However, the fellow that mounted the F2 plates used bolts that were millimeters too long, resulting in 4 boltsized extruded marks on the base. Our race serviceman repaired these. They now intrude very very slightly (you can hardly tell) and have not impact the boards riding in any way.

Given the above, and the fact that the board has the Hangles screwed mounted, I would recommend riding the board with the Hangles on, as a training board. This was a relatively inexpensive way for my son to try the Hangles, which he very much liked. He felt he could power through anything, with the extra weight and stiffness offered by the plates. However, he is now focused on highschool graduation marks and university, and is therefore not racing Noram at this time.

Alternatively, you can remove the screws and fill the screw holes. We have a Catek binding mounting plate (brand new) that we can sell you (for $50) that will ensure that the metal around the aforementioned repaired binding holes remains absolutely solid, and generally protect the board.

BTW, for those that are concerned about riding a new looking board, we have reconditioned the surface of other Kesslers by removing the surface paint coat and reapplying a clear mat spray paint. The result is a grey mat finish that looks like it is straight out of the factory.

Pricing is as follows, in $US:

Kessler $250

Kessler w. new Catek Binding Mounting Plate $300

Hangle Plates $325

Kessler with Hangle Plates (no Catek Plate) $475

FYI, we have no further information on the Kessler.



The board and plates weight about 20 lbs. The board is 185 cm long and about 23 cm wide at the front. So the box size is likely to be say 200 cm x 28 cm x about 10 cm. Feel free to check shipping costs via UPS, Fedex or Canada Post or Bus Parcel Express (just go to their website). The board is located in Toronto, ON M2J 1C1. I require that the board be shipped with tracking and full insurance.




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Hi Folks

Sorry I haven't been back to you. I had a backlog of work, following my return from holidays. I've promised the Kessler and plates to oldsnowboards.com. I just need to confirm shipping details. If that does not work out, I'd be pleased to make the board available to the others that have expressed interest.



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