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Swoard 161 Hard #0006


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It might be a little early to find the right buyer at this moment, but who knows...

I am selling my SWOARD I purchased directly from Jacques @ www.extremecarving.com last season.

The board is a 161 hard and in great condition. The serial number is #0006! Only used a view times.

I paid 790 Euros plus 92 Euros shipping for it.

Please email me if this board would interest you.

More info about the board here: http://www.extremecarving.com/swoard/swoard.html

Could also package with a set of F2 Titanium bindings.

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Originally posted by mtnpig

How come you want to release such a prized piece? Are you under weight for the stiffness? Just curious, wanted to add to the pile.

mtnpig, very good question. Indeed, this is a very prized piece!

The reason is very simple for me. It is not the board for my style... has nothing to do with underweight... it's not really "that" stiff (in comparison to my VIRUS and POGO's).

I started hardbooting 15 years ago and developed a certain style (like many of us) and always tend to go back to the narrower boards (18cm max.). I.e. I bought a POGO Impact last January, a fantastic board, with a 19cm waist, but even find that one to wide for me now (selling it as well I guess).

The SWOARD is an "excellent" board developed for the EC style (as promoted by the EC guys). We all (most of us) have seen the great videos and even enjoyed Patrice and Nils in Aspen. The board does what it's suppose to do!

I just have a different style. I think maybe a more racy style, many who know me call it Eurocarve, hmm. I just ride the way I "feel" it.

So my decision was to clean up a bit and sell what I don't really use to much...

Also, two seasons ago I bought a Coiler FC, but found that the board had just not the "snap" I wanted and sold it... Coiler is a great brand with very nice boards, but it was not me.

The good is that I tried many different boards so far, the bad is it costs me some $$$.

And everyone who bought a board from me knows that I only sell stuff in excellent condition.

Are you interested in the SWOARD ;)


PS. Let's go ride in Mammoth!

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And a good tip thanks. I'm finding that I like the more narrow waist width as I learn more about the carve. Putting up for salel an excellent condition Rt178. To wide and solid for me. I've got the season pass for Mammoth so hoping to be there often.

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