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New Madd top sheet/ graphics

Bobby Buggs

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Originally posted by Bobby Buggs

Has anyone seen what the new boards graphics are going to look like?

Is there a post here that shows them

Nope (hasn't been posted) and relax... we're all getting our boards in a few weeks (hopefully). No real point in worrying about it now (and recall I was one of the original challengers to the topsheet).

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Originally posted by Bobby Buggs

Relax?? OK

Just wanted to see if there was a picture out there.

Sorry I asked :( and No I dont recall hence my question

Sorry if my first post was cryptic or aggressive.

I started a poll about the topsheet graphics back in July, I... and it wasn't so much as settled as Madd basically stopped answering our email. (You can search for it). I just wanted to point to that so you don't think I'm sometype of blind defender of Madd (that's what I meant by "recall")

When I said relax, I mean in that in the past 2 weeks, you've posted three threads on the status/situation for the Madd snowboards knowing that they have basically given customers very little soild information and we (fellow) owners also don't have much new to say and am saying that there aren't any answers to your questions.

I totally understand that you want to know more (we all do), but I have significantly lowered my expectations on that :D


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