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Next one for sale

Bobby Buggs

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Thanks G:cool: you must have seen someone else on the board that day:)

It does Rip and is the most stable board I have ridden but I am really cutting down the quiver to 1 or 2 alpine boards.

I wont be selling my 172 coiler Am, thats for sure. If the Madd 170 is what they keep saying then I wont be needing anything more than my Am and the Madd right?

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two answers

I responded to your for sale ad here, asked you legitimate questions

AND emailed you, and got ZERO response

so the question is more along the lines of are YOU for real, or are you just "vaporware"

no reason to cop attitude, man. none whatsoever. I emailed you and you didnt respond. I did it the day you posted this I believe, and I tried to get answers here as well...

not only that but I tried to help you out in the discussion forum regarding the madd topsheet artwork

take a valium, my man. no reason for angst

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"----- Original Message -----

From: Dave Spang

To: buggs@map.com

Sent: Sunday, October 10, 2004 7:18 PM

Subject: coiler

man...Im very tempted. I like that board...love the topsheet...

can you tell me the stiffness? and the serial? I could ask bruce if it would be a suitable board for me. Its a little shorter than I want, but...at $200 less than new...

is it fully stock? what about the torsion addition? base? any other options purchsed?

youve ridden it 10 times...hows the base...?

AND...what other boards are you selling, man? sounds like you have a ton!


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Guest Randy S.

Cool. We got fights on BOL again. Sometimes I really miss having CMC around to spice things up. Now we got the Sub-Buggs death match! Yeeha! :cool:


Oh, great Topsheet Graphics! c5kky

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  • 1 month later...

I had duty, it was pouring rain (hopefully that means snow up north) I went to the post office and what does the post man say??? You have a snowboard...OK whole bad mood thing...GONE...it's gorgeous...Narrower than I was expecting but I have run low 50's before so mid 50 isn't a big thing. I spent yesterday waxing (to much probably) and droped the bindings on today for a bit of carpet surfing. And it fits in my board sock so I don't have to buy a new one...Sorry you parted with this gem but I am glad that I'm the one who ended up with it...it will certainly turn heads here in Japan

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but understand that this will be my first truely dedicated carving board setup... I've been rockin an older board but my wife smiled and hooked me up with a great set up. Anything will be better than what I am coming from...BTW I am having a hard time not oggling this board...thankfully my wife feels the same way about her ski's so we each have our board sitting out in the bedroom

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