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First trauma of winter


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Guest Randy S.

I just got the latest LL Bean winter catalog. On the back, where they print your name and special messages, there was a segment that said:

"Remember Last Winter blah blah blah" "In San Carlos (insert your town here) the coldest recorded temperature last winter was 39 degrees."

I do remember having a frost two winters ago. No black ice though. God I love living here. 3.5 hours to snow and you can play golf or ride bikes all year round at my house. Only downside is the median home price is $550K.

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No such luck here - winter's winter, and it's looking grim already. My daughter went on a school camping trip last week and happened to hit a record cold snap: -8 overnight (that's 18F for you metrically challenged). Wasn't expecting that in September! Plus, I still have to drive 8 hours to hit the mountains. OTOH median housing price is around $CDN130K.

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Russell? What the heck's in Russell? Something built on the river valley?

Locally, it's Blackstrap, a pile of dirt on top of a riverbank built for the 71 Canada Winter Games. I don't often go there.

For weekend trips, almost always Banff, it's about 8 hours. If we do a week, it will often be Big White (Kelowna). This year we're planning on Panorama.

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Originally posted by Mark Brown

Yep, you are lucky!!!

An hour to my local 600 foot bump and we're lucky if they open before Christmas (with 100% man made ice!) Geesh, I gotta move...

Wisp? That's my first mountain/hill where I snowboard way back in 1990.

Anyhow, well, looks like it's gonna cost me 6000 bucks to repair the truck. -SIGH-

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