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alpine riding stories

Guest stoked

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Guest stoked

I wrote that for snowboard.com a couple of minutes ago and thought I should post the info here too :)

. . .

Hi fellow cool guys and gals,

is alpine snowboarding a lifestyle? Well it surely was more of that in Europe in the 90s but lifestyle is what you make of it.

and pure fun without regard to hype is always a fine lifestyle and what snowboarding is all about.

anyway if you want to put into words your first days/weeks/months in hardboots or want to write a few lines on what alpine snowboarding means to you please do that here.

or mail your story to info@stoked.at right away as I want to build a couple of pages with stories at my website stoked.at for everyone to read.

dear moderators send your story too - this message is not spam but an attempt to gather some stories about alpine riding as you can hardly find those anywhere on the net so far ...

also everyone if you ACTUALLY TRIED harboot riding and it sucked please share your experience too as all kinds of stories are welcome.

Thanks big time and best carves to you,



- - -

1 story and a german excerpt of my Rider Page blah blah is online at


Any writing without regard to its length would be appreciated so it can be 5 sentences or 5 pages about learning to ride and/or enjoying the ride.

the stories page is set up on the Articles page "write your own story" and in the resorts & schools category both can be found on the 'Links' page and also there's a link to the stories page in Facts > ...words > Real Life Stories.

Ah great the snow is coming (not here yet)

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Guest stoked

oh yeah thanks for the info I like the history 'flashback to 1983' and have included it on the IT'S ALIVE page in the articles box there.

they found a new word for successful mass-marketing check it out :)

oh and the sun will shine again good article also agree kind of with its philosophical ending now go buy a Pogo.

although they "prefer to pile up the real wealth of life. Houses and cars are things that can be gone tomorrow. Good times, adventures and travelling are impressions that always stay in your mind."

I'll try to keep companies out of the stories page mentioned above though.


for the there so-called real life stories go to


or even better WRITE ONE :)

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