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03/04 Olympic SI long plate

Mike T

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03/04 Olympic SI long plate ("new" 10 mm kingpin)

$200 plus shipping from 97055

Usual wear, tons of life left on these.

Would also consider trade for TD2 SI w/ soft e-ring and at least one zero degree disk.




Allen wrenches and extra 12 and 14 mm base plate screws included.

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Hi mike,

?Why trade the olympics for the TD2 SI? Curious because I'm looking at both and would be interested in yours but have heard only one issue with the cateks and that was that the toe bale fit with the Deeluxe Indy was not great vs the TD2's.

Any comments? What type of boot are you wearing? I'm in Portland so I could make this real easy if this isn't an issue.



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Marc, I also own a pair of TD2s. After los of experimenting around, and taking suggestions from others, I've come to realize that I am quite happy with a flat front binding and pure lift in the back. This means I'm not really using the Catek's best feature. I really do like the feel of the TD2 with the soft e-ring, especially on hardpack. Thus the desire to either trade, or sell my Cateks and get another pair of TD2's.

I've most ridden them with Raichke SB 325's. Not sure if the toe is the same shape as the Indy, but I suspect it's close. The fit was excellent.

I'm in Sandy, right off of 26, and do come into PDX on occasion, so could arrange to meet up sometime.

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Thanks for the reply. Lets make this a deal. I'm not in hurry to get these but if your available friday and find yourself in PDX then that would be great. I'm leaving town with the family Sat Am for the next week but am willing to square with you prior to departure. Let me know what works best for you. I'm committed to this sale.



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