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all mountain board- stance angles

Guest ethanpt

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Guest ethanpt

I am curious what sort of angles folks are using on their all mountain/axis board types when they are doing general all purpose riding ie crud, powder, choppy stuff. Also what are peoples thoughts on cants on these type of boards.


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55 front and 50 rear on my 4x4.

On all of my boards, I let the board width dicate the angles, so that the toe and heel of my boots align with both edges (with boots centered on the bindings).

I use a little bit of cant...maybe 0.5-1 degree

Toe lift in front - 2-3 degrees

Heel lift in rear - 2 degrees, hard to say for sure, gotta get my gear out of the closet and get it ready for the coming season.


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I use 50 parallel on fish these days. Kind of mellow compared to my piste settings, but you don't have the same dynamics and 50 seems like a good compromise to me.

I still ride with what was a once called new-race-method facing-forward stance, so I can see the trees on both sides.

I have ridden much wider boards (eg Supermodel, Canyon, the Solomon equivalents etc) with similar stance angles. The biggest problem was stance-width, as manufaturers increased the minimum width to meet the needs of phat kids' stances. Those can be bad with hard boots. Holding an edge on anything resembling hard-pack would be tricky with a wide-board and forward-stance. Not a problem for me as I'm not riding lift-serviced with these boards.

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Guest pcogan

i ride 9/18 on all mountain boards


at 9/18, my feet are forward enough to carve, but low angle enough to ride fakie -- actually, carve fakie.

fakie riding offers another huge learning curve, helps my regular riding, allows me to go air-to-fakie, and -- the main reason -- it's fun

on bombers, i ride 60/55



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Originally posted by NateW

55/50,Coiler AM, 21cm waist

Same deck, 28 Mondo Raichles, 58/53. I actually ride it with a little bit of underhang (55/50 is spot-on for me) simply because I like facing more forward. But I don't like putting sky under my board like Nate does... :D


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I don't have an "all mountain" axis like deck but I do have 3 alpine decks (donek 163, Madd BX 158 and a Madd 158 classic) and a all around deck (Donek Incline 164) with one set of binders (Bomber TD step-ins, the older model) and one set of boots (Head S-LTDs) and of all that stuff it covers 100% of my riding from groomers to trees and steeps.

Alpine i tend to ride 57*+ f/b sometimes a bit more depending on the waist width for for all mountain/trees/pow/steeps I'll ride 24-36* front and 12-24* back with my TD step-ins and Heads and that works just fine. If i want to hybrid my Incline for groomers in the AM and crud/trees/steeps in the PM without adjusting anything I'll run about 45*f/35-45*b (depending on how much of one thing or the other I am doing).

I use the same canting, 7* (or whatever the older TD max cant was) front and back (toe lift/front, heel lift back) with a stance width 21" for alpine and 20" for freeriding....

lots of number but hope it helps.

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