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Burton still rocks! well kind of.


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Okay I call Burton on monday and I need some P1 HD straps I am willing to pay for them but since I have current stock they just tell me they will ship me the stuff for no charge.

and I do not have to send back the broken stuff.

so within four days I recieve my parts

problem here they sent me the whole lower binding but without straps (the one thing I needed!)

any way even though they screwed up my warranty that was still great customer service

fast and free

so if anyone has some P1s that you have broken the lower binding I can give you these for maybe a TD1 6 degree cant and the bumpers to go with it for a trade

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Guest Matt D

Hey Bob,

I too have had issues with the P1 straps. My only problem has been with color for toe straps. Last year I had both the HD's and MD's and broke toe straps on both. Got the wrong color for my MD's which meant I got another strap.

Their Warranty service is truly second to none in all my experiance. I got boots (Ions) on proform in 2002, and have received 4 new pairs of boots from warranty.

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Guest AlpentalRider

Burton customer service is unmatched in the snowboard industry. They always take care of their customers.

Also fyi on the P1 straps, the '05 straps are MUCH better then the previous ones. You shouldn't have the same issues with them like you did with the P1 HD and MDs.

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