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Chris Klug on OLNTV

Pat Donnelly

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Scheduled to air in late November . . . (23rd, 24th & 28th)


Chris Klug is the 'bounce back kid,' a snowboarding champion who spent a lifetime overcoming daunting physical challenges. After suffering from severe asthma as a child, Klug became one of snowboarding's pioneers, envisioning a future in the Olympics at a time when competitors wore moon boots and their flex was determined by the number of wraps of duct tape. Fighting through chronic heel problems and a knee injury that threatened him with permanent nerve damage, Klug remained a world class snowboarder for more than a decade - only to become afflicted by a deadly liver disease known as Primary Schlerosing Cholangitis, or PSC - the same illness which claimed the life of Klug's athletic idol, Walter Payton. But Klug survived, rebounding from a liver transplant in the summer of 2000 to capture an Olympic bronze medal less than two years later - while utilizing his celebrity, through the United Network of Organ Sharing, to help save the lives of others.

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Can't wait to read his book. My mother is another thriving liver transplant recipient. She was probably hours away from death when she received the new liver. It's been 3 years now and not only is she healthy, she's beating me at golf. She's 66.

Organ transplants work guys. Taking good organs to the grave is an awful waste.

Sign your donor cards and inform your loved ones!

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