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Bomber Tele / Donek Skis and the Mooner

Pat Donnelly

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..........Good reading. I got the privilege to ski with the “Moon” last year at A-Basin. I also got to ski the Donek ski. Brian is one of the most likable guys I have met in years and can do tele turns ‘switch’ better than most can going the right way. Everyone that was at the SES in ’04 should remember him as he was a big help getting us all on the snow every day. As far as the ski goes, I would have to say that that thing was very refreshing. My very first reaction was that it might be a bit on the slow side and not as responsive but after about 2 more runs and putting it through some more varied terrain what I though it was missing is actually what it had over most skis. Shear dampness. Not deadness but the ski was very stable and quiet under foot. To say predictable might make it seem “ho-hum” to some but to me it means no surprises that you might find in a “nervous” ski. Over all a very solid ride.

Now please don’t ask me about the Bomber Bishop because it would take all night and maybe a day or two to tell you what a great advancement Fin brings to the world of tele and I am a chitty typist and can only spell with “spell check”. Short story (at least from me) would be “If you tele you need these”.


PS. Jack, with these I have the bottle opener. So there!

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