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Hey Ken B. Need your help

Bobby Buggs

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I have been away from here for a while and cant believe what has been happining. I have known curt for about 3 years and have thought of him as a friend. I have seen the good and fun side of this man. Personally I felt people misunderstood him. Now with all this stuff flying around I really dont understand :confused: , maybe you can help.

I have always viewed you as one of his closest friends. Infact I usually see you in pictures with him.

Please tell me what has happened to our friend.

Ps, This is directed to Ken B. No one else need respond

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Just a reminder folks. Not say this is one but will keep an eye on this......Grrrrrr :cool:

(From the "Rules" Thread)

#2. Flame Wars are counter productive and serve no purpose. Any thread that is a Flame War in progress or any thread that may start (intentional or unintentional) Flame War will be either locked-out or deleted.

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