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From Fin at Bomber - Stop These Flame Wars


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The purpose of these forums is for carvers from all over to have intelligent, informative, and most of all fun conversations with other carvers. Unfortunately, these forums recently experienced a multi-forum "Flame War" that has caused nothing but harm and contempt in our otherwise great community.

To someone just visiting these forums looking to possibly try hardboot snowboarding, these Flame Wars are a huge turn off. This sport is so small that at this point we consider it a family. And families can be destroyed by this type of behavior. We cannot afford to have this happen.

So here is the deal, any thread that is a Flame War in progress or any thread that may start (intentional or unintentional) a Flame War will be either locked-out or deleted. By the way people, this is not censorship, this is called being a responsible forum administrator and keeping the peace.

So would everyone please let this pass, move on, and lets get to the things that make us love our sport. Here comes winter…..

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Guest Jeff Caron


I support your position on this matter and I look forward to the end of this flare up.

We have lots to do – products to ship, new products to develop …. And frankly this sort of stuff chews up our time.

So a plea from the CATEK camp as well – let’s clean it up and get back to what we do best!

Jeff Caron


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