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one board and only one board?


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I've got an Axis 172 and it can do all of the above, even for a Carve Apprentice such as myself.

I would prefer ride something damper on ice, something with less sidecut and more edge on hero groomers, and something more flexy in trees and powder... but it does a good job on all of the above. Did I mention it;s my favorite board in the park, even better than a softie setup?

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would either be a factory prime 178 or 185

carve well and wide enough that pow is manageable I like the axis though just a tad less stable at speed than the other two

I have a coiler ordered that is a SL deck but with a AM nose and tail with a 20 cm waist

ya its a strange board but hopefully it will rip

my idea was a board that was race ready but still useful elsewhere and with the round tail I can enter a BX with it

wow if I start running gates again that means hell froze over!

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My dear departed 165 4WD worked for me everywhere I went, except that it was a little mushy for hard carving and could use a little more stability. I'm told the newer ones are even better but I figure, what the heck, tried Prior let's go with another fine Canadian company. I'm replacing it with a Coiler AM172 which should be similar but better.

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Any Donek/Prior/Coiler freecarve ~171 with the wider waist option.

Carves ripping turns which is what we need 98% of the time.

Not too long - can be taken in the trees, moguls, trail sides, etc.

19-20cm waist - wide enough for crud, slush, and mellower stance angles.

I haven't ridden such a board in powder, but I'll bet it'd be fine with the wide-ish waist and if you scoot back in the inserts.

Although my Madd 170 will be my only board this year, aside from an old '96 Burton Custom 164 that I reserve for powder and rock days. We'll see how the skinny waist performs off piste...

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Wow- thanks for the props! The Butcher is Larry Leddingham of Aspen. Dude is aptly named, believe me, and a fine skier and surfer as well.

As for one board for everything, maybe the Donek Axis or something, but for my money when its new snow over 5-6" I'm on soft boots and a wide board. Just my .02 tho.

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Originally posted by eurocarve

Palmer has some good all around boards. Im thinking of getting one. What do you guys think?

not bad boards the BX boards are the most alpine like...a bit short and wide but they were designed for racing albiet slower racing

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Start with a Coiler AM 169...

<b>For more confidence in moguls</b>

Extend the nose a little bit, so it comes up 5cm instead of 4

<b>For more confidence launching 180s</b>

Extend the tail a little bit, so it comes up 3cm instead of 1.5

<b>For float in soft stuff</b>

21cm waist

<b>For faster carving</b>

13m sidecut

Total length 174cm. He's working on one now with a 17cm waist and 11.5 sidecut. This one I designed mostly for a particular mountain I ride a lot (Alpental, in WA) that's got steeper and narrower runs, tons of moguls, and not much groom. And because I am curious about riding a much narrower board.

Another builder is just starting on something fairly similar, with the same 13m sidecut but with 19cm waist and nose and tail of 4cm and 2cm. I think I may have been overly paranoid about the nose and tail of the standard Coiler AM (which I assume is similar to the Prior 4WD and Donek Axis).

Personally I feel that the key to 'one board for everything' is a mid-length board (175ish) with a big sidecut radius and enough nose/tail to make me feel safe in bumps and riding switch. Short length = skiddable when slow, large sidecut = carvable when fast.

Why have three do-it-all boards? Mostly just because I want to try different stuff - but not that different. Partly because I'm lucky to get three seasons out of a board without ruining it one way or another. That 21cm-waisted Coiler is just about toast. Gotta have spares on hand. :)

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Originally posted by Aisling

i actually have onlyONE board... i know... it's crazy... but i'm poor. :p

You're not the only one. Actually, I have 2 boards, but the other one is so old and the last time I brought it out was 2 years ago. So I only ride my freecarve board, whatever the conditions.


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