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First Snow of the Season!!!


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..likely the mountains and the snow (coupled with your stoke) that make the image look good, not the camera--and certainly not the lensman.

<img src="http://tinypic.com/5y7p5">

Camera is a Sony TRV 900 digital video camera--the same one I use on the hill to grab images of riders. Spliced the footage together on my PC to create the panorama.

While the snow won't last in the valleys, it certainly is a harbinger of good things to come!



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is that much snow normal in the middle of september? hope its a harbinger of things to come for yall!

sunday and monday were such beautiful days down here. I felt like I was in LOVE! partly cloudy, hovering around 70, chill to the air. awesome

yesterday the Santa Ana winds rolled back in. mid 90s, dry as hell. today too. grrr

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Originally posted by NS Racer

The only images I get on this page are the ones from booster two.

You could do worse. Booster posts some kickass images.

Thanks all for the preview of coming attractions. All of 'em got me stoked for the coming season--but we still have a bunch of autumn to go before it finally snows here.

Makes me want to relocate someplace higher.

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I heard that 2 days ago they started making snow at A-Basin, and there is a possibility that either Loveland or A-Basin will open in a few weeks. Crazy!

Our race season didn't start last year until February.

That's nuts! We've had at the very least 2 1/2 months by then! Of course, we only had about 2 1/2 months of summer.... no wonder people put their sunglasses on when we put on shorts the first time in the summer!

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