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Looking for classic gear!


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Guest rick ferguson

You might want to try getting a hold of www.oldsnowboards.com If you have ever bid on anything snow related, chances are his bidding against ya! Not sure what this guy does for a living , maybe it's buying/selling, not sure- otherwise he has been investing huge dollars in what might be the biggest collection in the world. Hey by the way oldsnwbrd.com, I'm looking to buy 1 (one) brunswick racer, not mint ,but in good shape. Ya gonna let me win one?:)

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I've got a Sims "FC" 166 with Sims bindings (6? degree cant on the back)

I'll take some better pictures if you want. Make an offer, as I wasn't planning on selling it until later this winter

It's storage-waxed and I haven't even ridden it yet (previous owner did)

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I am considering selling these boards this Fall

sorry I don't have pictures yet but if anyones interested I will make it happen.

90' Hooger Booger 175 asym tail- reg. stance with Elfgen plates

92' Sims alpine 162.5 asym tail - reg. stance

89' Burton M5 asym tail - reg. stance with burton plates

94' Nitro Diablo 178 with Fritchi plates - reg. stance

96' Option freecarve 165

I need wall space and get rid of the clutter

Although my buddy, Bryan at www.oldsnowboards.com

always has first dibs.

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I dug out my 96-97' TWS buyers guide and it says

Option Carving 165 / eff. edge 145

sidecut radius 950 cm 26.8 - 20.8 - 26.5

nose height 5.1 tail height 1.1cm

so yea, there is a little kick

It is a great all-mountain board and would do well in the off-piste.

Once the powder got over 6" it was time to switch to the Never 170. It was swapped in a barter for a bag of dried fruit.

i still can't believe I had the buyers guide and it took no time to find it. twighlight zone weirdness!

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No, mine is royal blue with a grey stripe running down the side.

And black on the tail. And the sidecut is the same as the black/green model. that one is one year newer - i think.

I need to hear back from Bryan@oldsnowboards.com

he and i have an agreement I'd run it by him before I unloaded any gear.

I'd take $200 shipped by the way

Ed (aka slopetool)

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I have an old Nitro. I think it's a 156. Have no idea what the model is, but I got it in 1992 from Scott Downey at High Cascade Snowboard Camp. It was a prototype at that time so it just had a black topcoat. I messed up the sidewall some when I tried to paint it, but since then, it got a better paint job... black with gold speed stipes down the side. I never thought of selling it, didn't think anyone would want it. BUT, if someone is interested email me kinpa@yahoo.com and I can dig it out and get some pictures. It's been kept in a bag for the past several years. I can't even remember the last time it was on snow.

I also have an old Burton Performer Elite, but it's not in such great shape. It's a 140 and has two web straps on the biding with plastic buckles.



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Originally posted by Pelican3rd

I won a Nitro on ebay last year, It is a 176 and has the bindings with it . The board is in very good shape ,a bit long and soft for me.

If I'm not mistaken, a Nitro Diablo is so classic it has the 5 holes patern (for those too young, it means one bolt in the middle, and 2 on either end).


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