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Is this a new F2 board?...

Guest thomas_m

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Yes, that is a new board F2 introduced this year to their line of boards designed for hardboots. Very cool. We are getting a full selection of these this season for our store so will let you know what we think.

We are seeing more and more people get into the whole "all mountain" hardboot scene these days (myself included). This is a good thing as we can slowly get rid of this notion that all we do is race or stay on groomies. Boards like this SpeedCross are great to see as they remind me of the days when other big companies like Burton used to make the Alp and the Coiler.

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Yea, we heard about it last season but for some reason we could not get here in the US.

Pokkis, Have you tried one? Like to get some feedback on it. And hear you on the length thing. For some reason the Euro board companies think a 168 is a super "long" board :rolleyes:

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Nope, i did not, mainly due lack of suitable lengths for my preference.

According my understanding these should be good candiadates for all-a-rounders like 4wd etc. I really see that they really need also longer ones.

But yes on this side long boards are concidered boards over 180, many folks were wondering my old FC 185, how one can ride such long stick :) But it comes also that slopes can be quite crowded and it is not so common having garage full of bords with different lengths :D

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Originally posted by NMU Alpine Boarder

I was just thinking the same thing.... It does have a rounded tail, so I would assume that this board is legal.

it's legal, but too childish (soft).

f2 makes eliminator ltd - niciest and most powerfull wide (25cm waist) ride today, i think.. i ride two of them (rather different, 2002 and 2004) in 167 with plates (f2 race).

PS arriven from belukha week ago, with one of this eliminators. riding plates at shambala was cool :)

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