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Got Vacation?

Shred Gruumer

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Well, one down in da bag! Just in case any of you are intrested or live in da area, of Kalispell Montana.

6 of us are gonna be at Da Big Mountain MT on Jan 21st to da 29th

Could not help but book it and get this one down on the Calender.

hmmm... now where to go.. oh yea,, SES! then..........

I think I see snow..

Right said Shred:confused:

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Hey Shred,

I do believe that one night at eces, I may have said something like...."Montana? that sounds great, never been west of K-mart..". Now granted it was said with the help of Dr. Guinness, but you know it still sounds like a great idea! Got room for a seventh? -Paulk

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Be sure to check out the Saloon! MMm...and I believe it is traditional to relieve one'self off the deck out back... Not that I would know, of course, but the view is fantastic with Whitefish all alight under the stars. Or so I've heard. :D IMO the best eating ON the mountain. Lot's of good places in Whitefish, too.

And don't miss carving on Ed's Run.

Ooh! If I wasn't being strong-armed by my better half to go to Sandals, I'd be up there with you!

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Yep,, Mr Tommy D,, all thats good at the Hellroaring.. been there since the early 90's stopped going cause of the Voodoo fog.. but back,, when you can see I feel its some of the best groom I have ever riden and the view and snow ghosts are Bee U tiful! ,,

The lunch food at HR is awesome! Eds run is crazy its around 100 yards wide and a nice steady pitch all the way down.. a deffinet thigh burn. so is Ranger Trail,, Hellroaring,,and my Favorites Big Ravin,, Toni Matt,, Inperation and Corckscrew!

Paul I think we are out of room but we may have a drop out.. Will post to let ya know.. I would be just as cheap if you stay at Hibernation house,, give them a call at Central Reservations and talk to Lisa Dryke,, she know us as the group from Cleveland.

The More the Marry er! but its not an Aspen type of setting so don't expect the Glam,, its a down to earth more local type of setting,, but its Big and plenty to do in town, no fluff chicks,, just Granola women!

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