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Jack M

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Jack - I demo'd the same board at ECES and loved it. It's a really fantastic board. I just need to figure out where I'll be riding this season before I can justify a board that big.

Oh, btw, can you point me to places to look for housing on/around Sugarloaf? Right now it looks like I'm going to be teaching there this season, so I'll need somewhere to live - I just don't know where I should look for it.

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man that dragon topsheet looks sweet. so do the moon and tree...

I was lookin around there...and...$61US for a hooded sweatshirt?



also..curious...but whats with boards not bein tuned from the factory? I dont get it. Or is it more like theyre "kinda" tuned and then the refinements can be paid for?

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D-Sub, I've bought boards both ways, the "as made" of course includes a base and edge grind so that everything is flat and square. The board is perfectly good and rides well. The extra cost tuning is for rider preferences - base structure, specific base/edge angles and tapers. Well worth a few extra bucks if you want it tuned exactly to your requirements. Of course, you can always add that yourself after you receive the board, and save a few $$$$.

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