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TD1's For Sale


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1 used pair TD1's for sale. Includes:

1 zero degree disc with purple bumpers (medium)

1 three degree disc with purple bumpers (medium)

All mounting hardware included

Heel bails are not spring-loaded. Bindings are in good used

condition and need a new hill to carve on. Sorry, no pics

available. See Bomber store to see what they looked like


$125.00 plus shipping



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After 130 hits I couldn't stands it no more. Is it too early for buying used TD1's?

Tell you all what, I'll drop the price $20 dollars (asking $105.00) OR (please see that the OR is in CAPS) you can choose from any combination of zero, three, or six degree discs with purple bumpers with the TD's remaining at $125 dollars.

Want to trade? My price too high? Make an offer. If I don't sell these they are going on a board and remain there so I won't have to keep adjusting the damn things every weekend.


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Thanks Mark. Payment anyway you want it. Paypal , Money Order, Cashiers Check. Done Deal. Thanks again , Bryan

PS Sellers.

Standing offer for OldSnowboards, Boards, clothes, Bindings, Mags, Stickers, Videos , Pretty much anything 8 years and older.


Quick cash for TD1s , TD2s also. Offer them to your local bros first, however if you want quick payment from just another hard booting oldschooler. Give me a shout. Thanks, Bryan

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