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Picked up an Oxygen Kr 49c - I'm assuming it's the Krypton?? Anybody have any info. on this deck? Did the Krypton precede the Proton?

Couldn't beat $39.00 (Gart Sports in SLC). Also picked up an Oxygen FR (freecarve model ?) in a 138 for $50.00. The Kr 49 seems like more of a race deck. I figure my son could grow into these eventually (he's 7) - for the price I couldn't pass these up. The top sheets are a little scratched up from sitting around, being moved around, etc., for a number of years. But hell, they're still new, un-ridden boards! Thinking about trying out that 149 for a fun shorty board.

Any background info/experience on either one of these decks would be appreciated!


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Here are the details on the Proton SL 149. The KR was nearly identical. KRs were from around 97-98.

Overall Length (cm): 149

Running Length (cm): 132.0

Effective Edge (cm): 133.0

Stance Width (cm): 20.1

Tip Width (cm): 24.8

Waist Width (cm): 19.5

Tail Width (cm): 24.8

Tip Height (cm): 4.0

Tail Height (cm): 0.5

Side Cut Radius (m): 8.5

Stance Range (cm): 40-48

Stance Offset (cm): 1.5

Weight Range (kg): 40-65

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Thanks for the info Mark! Decent size sidecut for a board that short. I'm about 70 kilos (~ 154 lbs.), so a bit out of the spec weight - I don't think that would be a problem though. It would definitely be the shortest thing I've ever ridden! It just looks like a lot of fun. I've seen a thread where folks were talking about longest vs. shortest decks. Remember seeing some 148-149 lengths discussed in there. I'll hang on to it for my son - he's expressed some interest in carving/racing in the near future.

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Hey Kirk,

this board was designeg for Karen Ruby, for this, his letter KR,

nice and fine board, and his sucesor is the Proton, but if you compare the proton with Kr, they have the same spec, design and construction, I could say that they are the same.

Hope I help you.

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