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Which Season Pass for Summit County?


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I had the Rocky Mountain Superpass last year (Copper/Winter Park) and I really liked Copper but wasn't too thrilled with Winter Park. This year I'm considering the Colorado Pass (Keystone/Breck/A-Basin/Vail/B-Creek) I've ridden at all of these resorts,though some of them not for many years. Considering the price, you get a lot of resorts, although only 10 days @ Vail/B-Creek. Where does everyone like to ride, both carving and freeriding? I moved to Denver last winter from Wisconsin and would like to meet some carvers here to ride with. Thanks,


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I really like that place its small but really has the goods when it comes to freeriding and they are open way way into spring I love good spring slush

to carve I like copper

Beaver creek I need to explore a little more but from what I remember it was quite nice grooming

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...there's snow. Vail (mostly) and wherever's going off: A-Basin, Keystone, Breck, or the Beav.

BTW there's snow on the peaks today. It won't be long!

<img src="http://www.keyssonline.com/ncprojects/sawatch-snow.jpg" alt="" border="0"><br>

<div align="center"><em>Mts. LaPlata, Elbert, and Massive</em></div>

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I have been going to Copper and Winter Park, and I wouldn't change it for the world. Mostly, I love WP because of Mary Jane. when I go up, I'm usually all by myself. I get up early, park right in front of the base at Mary Jane, and ride directly into the back of my truck when I'm done. I don't like having to mess with the parking lots with busses. Or walking a mile to the lift from the car. Copper has always been an extreme favorite, but I'm not sure I understand why you didn't like Winter Park? Did you make it to Mary Jane at all? Last season you definitely had to catch that place on a good snow day. It was a little dry up there. But the winters before were awesome.

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