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where the hell is my madd


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Originally posted by bobdea

I have not had a update in a while

nor have I got the newsletter in months

I thought they were going to be ready by now

If you read my recent posts , you know that I too am very eager to receive my Madd. And I am anxious due to the late of updates as well... but I doubt yelling at them is going to make our boards come any faster (at least I don't think so)

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I was kinda curious about this, too. I raised a stink a couple months ago and heard from...sheri...quite quickly, and then not much else after that

I sorta see it as a casual family endeavor, not confined by deadlines and such:)

hell, its only september anyway...still three months before anything piles up on the ground really

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Bob - buy a longboard skateboard. Seriously..helps ease the pain. I just spent an hour late today with the 'pod in my ears and the FibreFlex Pintail 38 with Avalons under my feet. Sooooo good.

If that Madd was staring at you from across the room right now, it would be the longest 3 months of your life 'til December...


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Originally posted by joecarve

Bob - buy a longboard skateboard.

Spent yesterday morning sessioning a nice steep but narrow hill that had me right on the edge of traction on every turn. Sweating like a madman from equal parts fear, adrenaline, and effort. And then I came home and found this photo of a BOL personality on the <a href="http://www.insectskateboards.com/index.html">Insect website</a>, laying out a nice heelside turn.

Skating is fun.

<img src="http://www.insectskateboards.com/images/gs_vlad.jpg">

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I was not pissed or anything I was just feeling left out of the loop since I was told that they would be delivered about now and we have not seen a newsletter and no one has asked for the remainder of my payment

was I worried


as far as topsheet goes it would be cool if its unique and artsy but really I dont care either it could say "snowboarder by day transvestite by night" and have a picture of Rupaul on it and I would still ride it

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