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WTT: Catek Olympic Plates

Guest Frappe

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Hey, this is kind of a shot in the dark, but here goes!

I've got a pair of Catek Olympic base-plates (the big, circular kind) of the newer model, with the larger king-nut.

Unfortunately, IIRC, they only have the 4x4 holes.

Would anyone that only uses 4x4 boards be interested in trading base plates if they have a 3d and 4x4 plate?

This would be an even trade, preferably. I'll gladly pay for your shipping as well as my own, and if you decide to sell the bindings and really, really want the plates with both hole patterns back, I'll be accomadating.

Sorry, long winded.

Does anyone with a set of Olympic Plates with the 3d and 4x4 insert patterns want to trade for a set with only the 4x4 holes?

I'll pay shipping, and whatever else within reason (stickers, art, trinket, sandwich?)

Reply in forum, or email me at: Frappe @ Lunaticus.net

(remove the spaces.)

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