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Waaaaaay of topic, but worth while (Bose suspension System)


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So, im only posting this because I have seen it first hand and think its one of the coolest things in the world.


Go give it a read. Basically, it is a side project that Bose has been working on for over 20 years now to develop a complete car suspension system that far exceeds the capabilities of anything on the market. Definately check out the videos on the bottom right of the page, and read some independant articles like these found with google.

At first I wasnt going to post it, as currently it has nothing to do with snowboarding, but then a few of you said I should post it anyway.



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Do their linear actuators have paper cones? :D (that’s a Bose joke)

Their website would have you believe that Bose invented the linear motor, but actually fully active suspension (the idea at least) has been around for a while. Lotus first used it on an F1 car in 1982, and the Williams F1 team dominated the competition with their active suspension setup in 1992. Fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics by Gillespie talks about it, so does (if I remember right, I can’t seem to find my copy) Race Car Engineering and Mechanics by Paul Van Valkenburgh.

I’m not a big Bose fan, but if they’ve actually got an active suspension that can be effectively packaged in a car that is a significant achievement and I have to give them credit. It would be interesting to see their figures for cost and weight (including the insane electrical system you’d need to drive that)

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I've seen that before, and the active-suspension system seems a lovely setup.

Only thing is that the thickness of the shock-unit would sincerely hurt wheel clearance, or at least require intense spacers.

But yeah, yum. I want a set.

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I spent a lot of hours last spring looking at hydraulics and 'air bags' trying to figure out if I could adapt them to make my car lean into the turns (staying level is for people who lack ambition!). Ended up thinking that it might work.. I'm sure I could get the lean-into-corners to work... but I'm afraid to spend a few grand on the parts and installation to find out that, overall, it rides like crap.

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This system is different from the "fully active" suspensions used in F1. The systems in F1 were actually rather primitive because they were really just electronically controlled springs and dampers. Correct me if I'm wrong, but at first glance it appears as though the Bose system does away with those altogether and simply uses those beefy linear actuators instead.

I haven't read the full text yet, but just from looking at the pictures, it looks like the Bose system allows you to have a computer controlled, arbitrary, non-constant spring rate, as well as a simulated damper to match. That is two steps ahead of the system used on the FW14B when it took the drivers' and constructors championships.

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Unless I'm mistaken, I thought the original F1 active suspensions done by lotus were hydrolic servo. They worked, but considering F1 tracks are already quite smooth, and the horsepower and weight penalty of a hydrolic system is signifigant enough to moot the advantage.


I'm amazed bose has a linear motor and amp efficient enough for this to work.

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