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Red MT-1 ~ Question

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I bought a navy blue one at the Burton factory shop in July for $70. It has what looks to be dinosaur teeth all around the front opening - like jaws. I comes with a black plastic visor across the top, but I would guess that lasts for a day or two, then is gone. Goggles fit nicely inside.

I tried one out last season, and really liked it, and i'm just trying to protect myself from my own foolishness.



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I used to run the MT-1 with and with out the jaw peice and have lost goggles going over the bars in deep snow but never on grommers ( you can usaly find them but they may come off). I had a narly roll over some rocks at snow basin and but a whole in it(but not my head. After lots of looking I moved into a Giro nine with the head phone and have never been happier the giro may not be as long term durable but is way lighter and much more comfy. 90% of people I knoe have and love this lid. It can crack if droped from just a few feet however. I rocked mine for the last month of the season last year and loved it!

Goggles with a rubber bead like spys and Von zippers stayed on my MT-1 better, some of my bros have put silicon on their straps for better grip.

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