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UPZ and UPS boots


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Anyone care to post their experience with them for skiing? I need some references, as well as I'm trying to get a hold of the old forum to look up past references to 'em and skiing. Just ordered them as of yesterday, after two years delay. YAY!

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Guest Randy S.

I've never used mine for skiing. First of all, I think they'd be too soft for that. Even with the added booster strap (which I recommend), they are still a lot softer than my ski boots. Also, even if you get the DIN toe/heel set up, I think you'll find before long that youv'e worn down the screws so it'll be hard to switch. One minor design flaw is that they didn't recess the screw heads far enough into the toe piece. As a result, you quickly begin wearing down the screw heads and it doesn't take very long before removing the screws is a near impossibility. Maybe they've changed that with the new ones. They look the same as my UPS boots, but you can't see the soles, so who knows. If you work your boots hard, I'd suggest ordering a spare set of buckles too. They are reasonably reliable, but a) you never know and b) on my left (rear) foot, the instep and lower calf buckle rub against each other, which wore through the instep one.

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