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I've posted this once before.....NC Resort Question.....

Mellow Yellow

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Sugar isn't too bad... for technically being in the south... rode there several times last year. Its a 5 hr drive from ATL, but if one has the "jones" one will do most anything.... Cataloochee is pretty terrible, but its closer to ATL 3.5-4 hours.... Didn't make it to any others yet... there are a bunch near Boone.

Rode at Sugar on 11/15 last year-- pretty sure nothing in New England was even open yet... advantage there is that its up pretty high-- for the east-- summit is at 5300 feet and the base is at 4100. The top to bottom run is actually pretty long. Lots of snowmaking... of course....

NW NC is really excellent area overall, lots of great hiking/backpacking/climbing/whitewater, etc.

Kenn W.

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I'm thinking it's going to be Sugar, Beech, or Appalachian....

I can only assume that there will not be a large contingent of fellow carvers! Oh well... when I started in PA there were only a handfull... by the time I left last season there were probably 15 - 20 "locals" riding alpine...

feel free to email me when you're coming this way to ride... we can meet up

trenchcarver at yahoo dot com

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