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I'm in the market for new boots wondering which way to go. I'm only 160 ibs. but ride pretty aggressively and my legs are fairly strong. I have a pretty narrow foot. I've ridden Raichle's for the last 13 years and not sure which way to go. I'm leaning more toward Raichle Indy or Deeluxe for two reason's my old one's fit great and the availability of parts should something break. The UPZ look pretty sweet in that you can buy din toe/heel in the event I'd want to put on the narrow sticks after 16 years of boarding. I've read the older one's don't fit the TD step ins that great and the liners aren't that great. I'm also impressed with the buckles on the Heads they look beefier and more adjustable than the Raichles. I'd appreciate any/all opinions. I'd like to keep it under $350, but if something is so much better I'd be willing to go to something else. I want something fairly to very stiff.


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I bought the heads last spring and like them alot. I rode with old Raichle 124s that were modified with the 4th strap and thermo liners for about 8 years. Bought the Raichle AF 600 and tried them for a few days and was not too impressed (but I have to add the disclaimer that they might have been a little too big for me but both the Heads and the AF 600 were m30) There are alot of things I like about the head boots: The fit is great and I havnt had the liners molded yet. The buckles are very positive over the entire foot(the Raichle/Deeluxe seemed to have blank spot over the top of my instep). The buckles are very adjustable and once you find the right fit you can lock them down and go. I havnt had to undo the buckles in the lift line. They feel very positive in transfering "power" (I use the term loosely, if you saw my legs you would understand) to the board. I rida a Donek FCII with TD1step ins so its a decent set up. The downside to the boots comes if you like to mess with your forward lean adjustment alot when riding (I dont). These boots have a threaded adjuster that requires a special tool (included) or a small flat tip screwdriver to adjust the lean as well as the spring tension. It seems to me that a knurled thumb adjuster would have worked and maybe some smart guy with a bitchin set of tools will come out with a kit of some kind. there is a free-ride mode with a lever on the rear of the boot but it doesnt seem to have as much range of motion as the Raichle. In all I would recommend these boots but I havnt heard how well they hold up over a long period of time. Good buy for the sale price:D

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Stratos. I would consider my foot average but with a high instep. Again very comfortable. One thing I forgot was that althoug imo they are not as adjustable in the forward lean area as the Deeluxe, they do have a 5 position forward lean mechanism. to me they are a boot that I will put on my feet and forget about for the rest of the day.:p

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