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Need junior equipment

Guest ubermom

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Guest ubermom

I am a single Mom of a new Alpine Boarder...he wants alpine equipment..I KNOW NOTHING!!! Please help with possible websites for new equipment or used equipment...He is only nine years old but will be racing this year. Currently riding a Burton Punch board for freestyle.

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I have a Burton Factory Prime 144 that my son rode when he was 10/11 (in 2002/2003). I chose that board based upon a fair amount of research and advise (ask any coach or senior message board member). It was the right length and flex for his age and weight. I'm guessing that he was say 80 lbs and about 4 foot 8 inches at the time. He had been racing for a year and was switching from a freeride to a carver. The board was prefect for him.

We bought it used, but the board was and still is in good condition; we take care of our equipment. The are some cosmetic surface scratches and surface edge chips, but the base edges and base are in very good condition. (We take good care of our bases and base edges). The base is presently stored with a protective wax coat.

This is the board only. You'll need to buy bindings and/or boots.

We'll sell it for $95 US + shipping.



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