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Guest surphadude

So I'm looking ahead to the USCSA nationals in Idaho next year and realizing that there will be no way I could afford travel expenses, entry-fees, and lift tickets. Last year, I was the only one on the snowboard team that qualified for the competition but couldn't afford to go. Should be the same story this year. If competition is the same, I should finish 1st in my conference. Our team doesn't pay for nationals. Any advice for an aspiring carver on possibilities of sponsorship? What would a sponsor be able to cover anyway? Do hardbooters even get much coverage?

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learn to spin 1080 switch

learn to jib maybe backflip off of a rail

not really a authority talking here but I know a couple racers and ex racers and they basicly say in the last few years its been next to impossible unless you pay your own way and hope to hell someone will give you boards

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Guest Ghostrider

Yea...good luck... but if you pull off a miracle, be careful mixing sponsorship and collegiate stuff. It's kind of a fine line. Mainly with the school. Universities dont like to be attached to a brand name if they arent cashing in on it too.

If you set up your team properly through the school, you should be a non-profit organization and local businesses like to donate because it equals a tax break.

Also go to your student governing body that controls the money and build a case for yourself. National Championships = National Exposure for the school. The school has oodles of money and you are racing for them, so know the rules and policies for students getting the money and you could get a free trip without messing with corporate junk.

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Two things that you absolute must do for sponsorship are a resume and video. For the riders I work with I always ride with them at least at 2 different resorts. That way I can see how they are on there home turf and then see how well they adjust.

On a college level, Ghost is right. There are lots of funding opportunities My first real sponsorship was a shop owned by alumni.


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