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Warning... Dont go Free riding

Bobby Buggs

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I did not think I would be saying this but here goes. I think I am going to go back to free riding(ducking from the flames).

It all happened last Feb in steam boat. I got on my Osin 4807 split tail and didnt take it off for the whole trip. Then when the ECES came I really just did not feel the amp I usually do for carving.

Maybe it was just a bad year as it was a all time low for days on snow for me in 15 years. I just dont know but I would like to get out on that damn split tail again.

Either way look for a quiver thinning sale on the buy sell board soon.

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For me it all depends on the conditions of the day. On a powder day - freeriding till my legs fall off, sometimes in soft boots, sometimes in hard. When the groomers are good - carving till I drop. Spring - carving while it's hard, freeriding when it softens. Simetimes I feel compelled to do a day in softies, so I do.

Bobby - don't sell off to much of your quiver - the bug might get you again! (Of course, if you want to part with that Coiler RC 175, let me know)

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Doing laps on the groomers is what I do on my alpine setup...But given the opportunity/condtions, I'll work the bumps too.

In my case, I use ski equipment for hitting trees/pow/bumps. Frequently I'll freecarve in the morning, then ski in the afternoon.

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Yeah, I suppose if I had a purely carving setup I'd be forced to devote a chunk of the day to just groomers and then switch to a more forgiving setup to hit the bumps and steeps I love. I use an all-mountain board though, and then I can go where I like. It carves well enough, especially in the soft conditions we usually have in Alberta and the BC interior.

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You seemed to be so psyched on the scene at the ECES! And you just got that Evil Sports Coiler! Well, you've got to do what makes you happy. If carving isn't it, then take a break. I spent a week out in Tahoe (Squaw) a few years ago and took out the raceboard for one day and regretted even that. So if you're spending your money on riding out west, then sure, enjoy the soft stuff.

However - do hang on to at least one alpine set-up for those days you find yourself scraping along on your softboot gear and wishing you could carve the cord. When there's no fresh in the trees and the bumps are rock hard, you'll be glad to rail the groomers.

Whatever you do, be sure to stick around here!


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Thanks Jack, I wont give up my Hard boots. I came from free riding on 121s so its a easy transition back to my old ways. I wont be shedding all my alpine gear but there really is No need for 9 or 10 boards. 2 is all I will be keeping. Im sure my 185 Rossi WC wont last a day on the buy sell. I cant tell which is worse the 10 boards I have in the garage or the 10 Fishing poles.:confused:

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yea, I dropped out of the alpine scene and thought I would probably be back. Thanks to my good buddy, Bryan, I was sucked back in and started riding the fine line again. The whole process took about 4 years. And I am so proud to be back.

My highlight was borrowing the Sims Burner 197 for a few runs last season. The Donek FC 179 also was a sick ride.

I'm glad we're all in this together.

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Guest AlpentalRider

you don't have to pick one style, do the one that matches the conditions and your mood at the time.

I have basically 4 different riding styles I use equipment for:

I spend most of my time riding my freeride board in the backcountry.

I have a big swallowtail for deep powder days

When I'm in the mood to lay deep ruts and eurocarve, I bust out my alpine setup

And I have a jib board I use when I wanna play in the park to feel young again.

The beauty of this is I no longer complain about the conditions on the mountain cause I got a board and a style to match anything that comes my way. Gone are the days where I'm bummed cause the backcountry is closed off, or the resort only has boilerplate, or it turns into slurpee snow cause of the heat. I now have found a way to always have a smile on my face and long for one more run :)

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