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Which Splitboard to get w/ Hard boots?

Guest Randy S.

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Guest Randy S.

OK. I'm considering buying a split board. I only ride in hard boots. I know you all think softies are better in powder, where I'll be riding the split board, but I tried softies and hated it. I'd like to be able to hook up bindings that accept my Intec heels (I have Bombers if they'll work). I'd like the transition from split to hooked to be as quick as possible. I'd probably buy skins, but don't know how often they'll get used.

So which system is best? Do I buy a board then a binding setup, or do they come together? Thanks for the help.


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Good question and don't forget we also have a site dedicated just to Splitboarding: BOMBERSPLITBOARDS.COM

I am the same as yourself in that I prefer hardboots for all mountain riding. However, I do use a very "soft" low-cut Raichle model boot as apposed to a "carve only" stiff boot.

I do ride with step-ins and use the Splitboard bindings we manufacture. They come in both standard and step-in. I also go step-in for one other reason, quick exit. Get in a weird situation or, god forbid, an avalanche you have the ability to "pull the rip chord" and step-out. I have even seen guys run chords up to their hips for even quicker exit.

Generally speaking if you buy a complete, ready to go splitboard you get:

- the board

- all the hardware to mount your bindings to

- skins

All the splitboards that we sell come with the above.

You really only have two choices on what type of split system to use: Voile or Burton. I favor the Voile system as it is very easy to use and pretty Bomber Proof. Have not used the Burton system so cannot give too much input on that.

PS hope you don't mind, but I copied this thread over to the Split Forum.

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Hey Randy, I've been mulling the same idea, though I'd probably be on late spring corn much more often than midwinter powder. I'd rather ride the lifts/snowcat/helicopter when its deep and fluffy. :D

For bindings, I'd probably end up with plate binding toe/heel pieces mounted directly to the Voile slider plates with a healthy portion of drill and dremel work. I've got a set of old F2 Intecs waiting to be cannibalized. However, I also think I might prefer standard toe clip bindings and AT ski boots (better for climbing).

For a plethora of homebrew splitboard interface ideas, check out the forum on Couloir's website . Be careful there though, the Softie vs. Clicker vs. AT Skiboot vs. Snowboard Hardboot vs. Plastic Mountaineering Boots arguement never fails to encite a holy war.

Finally, if you're ever intersted in borrowing my AT Ski Boots for a test ride, let me know. I used them when I climbed/rode Shasta this spring, and they were great.


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I'm another that rides in hardboots. I've been using my 224's for about 2 years now and pretty much like 'em. Right now I ride a home brewed F2 flame. Am using the Voile binding pucks on the slider tracks for now, but may switch to Bombers within the year. Gotta sweet talk the wife real good after buying that Suzuki SV1000s! Anyho, I am working on a snowboard boot mod article (HONEST) using a pair of sb123's I bought a few months ago, exploring the possibilities of a better all around hike/climb/skin/ride, so stay tuned as I cut 'em up! And as far as a system, the voile system is just about bullet proof, and I should know, after destroying a board and moving the setup, undamaged, to my next!

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Guest Randy S.

So I could get a Prior 4WD that's been split? I think I saw that on the bombersplitboards site. Is that right, Fin? It appears I can't use my TD2 parts, I need the splitboard bindings. Do the voile mounts provide any canting or do you just run flat (which would probably work, just curious).

If my UPS boots had a better walk/ride switch, I could probably use those. We'll see what the Heads I plan to buy in the fall are like. Otherwise Bomber has cheap 413's or I think I have an old pair of 423's that I never used much.

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I have only ridden on two brands and I do have to say burton won that match the other was a old yellow pig tooooooooo soft I think it was made by voile

the burton was nice riding it was the custom s I think and it rode like a custom my only gripe was that I prefer a wider board than that

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at least on the new style stuff. I purchased the split kit and procured from Voile the cant shims that go under the puck mounting pads. It 2 or 3 tries to find someone that knew what I wanted. If you split your own, they could possibly find some more for you, just ask them to look in the attic for you!

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In theory you can use any 4 hole compatible plate binding such as our TD2. However, you will have a lot of extra functions, weight, and cost you will not use on the split. A set of split-specific bindings is the a good way to go for weight issues.

Yes, we sell Voile and Prior Splitboards at Bombersplitboards.com.


Yep, those shims from Volie are pretty cool (and hard to get). As we have talked about before, that is one short-coming of hardboots and Split, you do not have cant/lift when is board mode.

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canting would be totally dependant on your binding I would think since for ease of use cateks would be a good choice would not have to switch out cants but HEAVY HEAVY

unless you want to skin up with one foot on a really odd angle

there are some carbon plates out there that would keep the weight down as well again canting becomes the issue

the xbone is not that heavy nor is the burton race infact the burton race was lighter than all their softboot bindings

niether of those I like but for pow they should be fine

I want to take a Prior split for a ride badly now

who else makes split boards?

I vaguely remember nitro did in the 90s do they still?

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Actually, a single XBone SI weighs (approx) 1.9 lbs.

A single TD2 SI (with 6 degree cant) weighs 1.65 lbs.

It is always interesting to see it is generally thought that items made of plastic are lighter then those of metal. Done right, the metal one will be lighter and stronger then its plastic brother.

There are a few Mfgs coming out this year with Splits:

-Never Summer




- Winter Stick (rumor)

I believe there might be some others coming out as well. Anyone else know of these?

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