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snowboarding in Austria

Guest nt_snow

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Guest nt_snow

I am planning to be in Germany in January and was thinking of hitting the slopes in Austria while I'm over there. probably St. Anton. Does anyone have any advice on transportation and accomodations over there?

Also, what do you think? bring the alpine board? or a regular setup that I'm most comfortable with in all conditions?


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Guest stoked

well the other side of the coin is of course that it's easier to find a softboot setup for rent than a hardboot setup even in Austria :mad:

I guess going by train will have reasonable prices also there might be rates on tickets for people going to resorts with info about that either from the Austrian or German rail service or the resorts on their websites they also partly have shuttle services from some cities to the resorts ...

Don't know the situation in Tirol but I'd say with St. Anton you didn't choose the cheapest place to stay :)

I guess we could meet in Salzburg county if you should end up there.


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St Anton's right on the rail line, so it's easy to get to that way. There's also a road of course. It's a compact place - the lifts go pretty much from the village (ok, there are other villages too..).

Accomodation: most places have a tourist office, probably accessible on line. Generally harder than the US to find places to stay, particularly at holidy periods.

IMHO it's best to have a car so you can drive to where the good snow is. Austria's low and doesn't always get it.

There are lots of bus and shared-taxi services from most ski-related airports to the resorts; google for them.

Boards? I always carry two (hard boot) set-ups... one for piste and resort powder and the other for back country. As stated, you can rent soft stuff but that's about it these days.

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Just a very nice freeriding area. The area of St. Anton has almost even more offpiste possibilities than onpiste. Almost no possibilities to carve, too steep and too small. If you want to carve, the motorways of Lech will be nice. You have a skischool which gives hardbootlessons. St. Anton is very hot but also very expensive. A nice bar is the Underground, nice food, music and people. Or buy some food at the SPAR supermarket. On the mountain, the Rodelalm is the traditional one with large portions.

The town of St. Anton is very international orientated (nice swedish girls too). Very good apresski, dancings and so on.

There is a railwaystation at St. Anton. If you want to be mobile and want to go to Lech a car will be handy. Or you can take the free skibus.

Greets, Hans.

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