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the boards that are/was the best


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had this same thread before here but why not start a updated one

my favorites in order

1,coiler custom PR 190 damp, super edge hold and when really pressed real hard enough pop for anyone to get a little air between carves the ultimate freecarve weapon here in the east it almost has too much grab on ice when sharpend correctly

2,sims burner 188/197 split tail heaven 188 does it all with some input and is easy to ride for such a big board the 197 comes out only when you want to go fast and make those BIG turns requires lots of input at lower speeds but is a joy and a challege to ride to bad sims bailed on the alpine market and these boards did break alot

3, burton speed/FP 178 good freecarve toy not to stiff but not soft either really easy to ride the 184 was good too both did it all and really served me quite well and I prefered these over the popular decks of the day such as oxygen protons, f2 speedsters and rossi throttle

4 rossi WC 185 good board much better than the older foam core rossi decks the WC had wood and foam this board really was great in the perfect conditions slightly soft cordury but some days it felt like the wrong board in particular if the snow was too soft

5 donek axis not really my type of board but it was a totally sick board to ride like a freeride deck in hardboots go in the woods in the bumps in the powder whatever it will do it

doesnt really carve as well as a race deck and is a tad soft but its not a race deck nor is it intended to be a board to haul ass so its okay its a board that feels very alive underfoot

softboot setups

1, burton canyon 173 did everything well and went everywhere that board took the best beating of any board I have ever seen and stayed in one peice it was great

2, ride ride series 164 indestructable and for its time 1994 I think it was quite a good turner

3 donek sasquatch 170 great at speed and the the width makes it great in powder its too stiff for some uses but overall its great when I REALLY beat on it I suspect I will like it better once it softens up a bit at

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Guest AlpentalRider

I haven't had enough variety on Alpine boards so I can't really give an opinion (although I love the Burton Speed 168).

But for softboot setup, the Burton Johan 163 is one great advanced rider board. Excellent stiffness and edgehold, as well as great feel and control. You can take this thing on boilerplate and carve it up, hit the jumps and rails and stick your landings, and then head to the powder and freecarve till your heart's content. This board is not for beginners, but if your and advanced rider, it's the perfect backcountry board.

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A slalom board from about 1994, just when symetrical race boards and "the new race method" with forward facing stance was taking off. Well at least it was here.

They changed the design a few times, but the original had red/white graphics and a black base. Perfect flex design for my weight.

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As the resident Volkl snob, I have to cast my vote for the RennTiger SL.

Here's why:

  • It has lots of energy.
  • It will carve short to medium turns very well.
  • It pops from turn to turn when desired.
  • Edge hold is impeccable, especially on ice.
  • It is the only type of alpine board I have ever ridden. :)

I have to say that I am impressed with my girl's Ride Fuel. It seems to be a rather nimble board suited to a range of conditions, including some softie carving.

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For years I compared the measurements of every new board I thought I might like to buy to my old Safari Comp II. That was a breakthrough board for me. My next breakthrough board was a '95 Burton FP157, after riding two asyms.

But my favorite carving board of all time was my Donek 186. I came to Donek after trying the 171fcII, which is a fabulous do-almost-everything board that carves like crazy. But time marches on and I want something new, so it's on to the Madd 170, which I really liked at the ECES demo. It made me say "I gotta get me one of these!" I was also really impressed by the Prior WCR181 - great board, a perfect balance between the 170 and 186. I'd have a lot of boards if I rode all the time, but I don't, so I can only have one. The Prior would probably be the more rational choice for a one-board quiver, but I like switching to boards that are a lot different than what I'm used to.


ps - haven't tried a Coiler... yet.

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Doneks are great, and Burtons get the job done adequately, but nothing has topped the Madd 168 prototype I rode a little while back. Extremely stiff and damp, a wonderful ride. I can't wait until the "new" Madds arrive :D

I need to get on a Coiler one of these days too. I might just spring for an AM come this season.

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just the idea that I put it above my beloved burners speaks for its self I guess

I would really love to get on a longish Donek say 180 to 195 anyone who wants to do a board swap for a day @ telluride this winter let me know

I will let you ride your choice of these donek sasquatch, madd 170, coiler PR 190 20.5 waist, coiler 172 thats a custom as well SL sidecut and flex all mountain nose and tail 20 waist cant wait untill that one arrives

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i will take my Hot Blast GS any day of the week. The board seems to be the perfect match for me for a few reasons:

1. The Pop- Gives me the flight I crave on a good edge change, and can send you sailing over knolls like an eagle off a mountain top

2. The Flex- The flex is consistant throughout almost the entire board

3. The Edge Hold & Dampening- You have to realy work to get edge chatter on that board

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Originally posted by Tim Tuthill

OK, Time for an old guy to chime in!!

Old guys can rock too ya know.

1: my Coiler ('s soon)

2: my Sims Burners

3: did like the ride of the MADD (do not own one.....yet)


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Guest stoked

My sample size is way too small too and the americans are not available here so I'll get one of those HOT Blasts for next season - the board I started with was a totally perfect Hooger Booger Booster 157 or 159 asy which I have sold unfortunately to an ungrateful b$&§% well I guess it's gone :)

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and here comment from siberia:

after hot (my former ride - blast 176), oxygen (tried, really nice) and f2 (too sporty to my liking) my beloved gs-style ride now is volant excel 173gs (15m sidecut). smothest speedster at any snow condition (from mid-siberian soft to baikal's hard slopes).

steel laminate works so nice that now when i test my friends boards - i'm always miss this brilliancy.

wanna add some fc donek to my quiver (~180, 13m sidecut, aross fc?).

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Guest chillaxin.nl

I own several different brands of boards, so i have had plenty time to compair. My all time favorite:

1) Nitro CAM

2) Virus Predator Custom

3) Hot blast

4) Oxygen Proton

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My first board was an Oxygen Kr52 Goofy asy... it was ok..

Then i bought a F2 GTS 154... nice

Next up... 2001.. a Burton FP 162... which was my fav.

same year, a F2 Silberpfeil 162 with conshox... hmmmm

2003-04 Hot Blast 153 Japan model... very nice... but to short

2003-04 Nidecker Tornado GS 168.... Super.. i sold it... stupid!

2004 Hot Blast 160 04/05 test model... my new favorite

i ordered a Hot Blast 160 and a 167

the 167 specs looks perfect on paper... for funcarving

the 160 for Slalom races

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Originally posted by ncermak

always loved my Volkl RT 168SL (Still Regret selling it)

still love the Rossi WC 184 (but would love to ride some other boards that big)

and can't wait to get my MADD 158....

Looks like we got something in common:

Madd 158 (as well as 170)

Rossi WC 184

Lib Tech Emma Peel 157/159

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haven't been riding for too many years but have managed to add one board per year to the quiver.

first hardboot experience on a borrowed Burton FP

was hooked and bought my own gear after an exhaustive phone search of southern ontario uncovered an ultra prime on sale

then a Nitro GT for something longer

onto Coiler products now

happy owner of three different Coilers



and my new favourite the 172AM

I've kept all my boards and loan them to carver wannabes whenever I can.

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