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As many BOL users are contemplating a trip to Aspen this winter for AES, and still more looking for economical travel options to wherever the snow is, I was wondering if we might share information on the best travel websites.

The best sites and prices I've found, so far, are <a href="http://travel.mobissimo.com/travel/search_airfare.php" target="http://travel.mobissimo.com/travel/search_airfare.php">Mobissimo</a> and <a href="http://www.skyauction.com" target="http://www.skyauction.com">Skyauction</a>.

I've used both services, and have been completely satisfied with price, convenience, and service.

I've also used <a href="http://www.cheaptickets.com/trs/cheaptickets/home/index_01.xsl" target="http://www.cheaptickets.com/trs/cheaptickets/home/index_01.xsl">Cheaptickets</a> and <a href="http://www.aesu.com/" target="http://www.aesu.com/">AESU</a> (for international travel--and <I>not</I> just for students). Both are useful and recommended.

Thanks in advance for sharing any sites/services you've found helpful.




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